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Buckeye burl puukko knife

Buckeye burl puukko knife


A beautiful through-tang puukko knife, made with buckeye burl, London plane, leather and brass. A one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality piece that is sure to become a cherished tool in your collection.


This is a versatile knife that would be perfect for many applications, including woodcarving, whittling and everyday workshop tasks.


The handle is made from stabilised buckeye burl, complete with London plane, leather spacers and a brass bolster and end cap.  A mix of facets and smooth sections provides lots of grip while remaining comfotable to hold. The handle was finished with Peacock Oil, a unique blend of the world's finest traditional oils, resins and waxes that together produce a breathable, water-repellent, figure enhancing and grain strengthening finish.


The blade is made from high-quality steel, handforged by Ethan Goss at Sugar Shack Forge. I have handsharpened it to a mirror finish, ready for use. The edge is protected with a handstitched leather blade slip.

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