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'The Robin' chip carver

'The Robin' chip carver


'The Robin' chip carver, No. 1 in my new Bird Series of woodcarving tools.


This design is inspired by the handsome robin redbreast. The materials have been chosen to reflect his familiar colours: spalted birch, whiskey barrel oak and leather for his brown and white body; and rare ambonya burl for his gallant red chest. The handle has been shaped to evoke his plump build and the distinct form of his tail feathers. The facets near the blade are specifically designed with chip carving in mind, as you can register your fingers and thumb against the same flat surface—and thus the same angles—each time you make a cut. 


I ground the blade myself from a Hewn & Hone handforged blank. It's got a super sharp compound grind: a shallow primary bevel which helps the blade not to get stuck in the wood; and a 25° secondary bevel that gives a bit of extra robustness to the edge and tip. This edge geometry can handle both curves and deeper plunge cuts, just be sure to maintain a relatively gentle hand and not to pry with the tip.


The handle was finished with Peacock Oil, a unique blend of the world's finest traditional oils, resins and waxes that together produce a breathable, water-repellent, figure enhancing and grain strengthening finish.

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