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Walnut finishing knife

Walnut finishing knife


A lovely little finishing knife, with a walnut handle and huon pine bolster.


The handle has a handcarved finish, which means there are lots of micro facets left from my carving knife. There are also wider facets near the blade to help with fine control. Combined, these two features create a handle with wonderful grip that is easy to control on those fine finishing cuts.


The blade is a 60mm finishing sloyd blade that was ground and sharpened by Dave Cockcroft using a Hewn and Hone blank, which was forged and heat treated by Nic Westermann. The blade has a distal taper, which means it is thinner towards the tip. This makes the bevel narrower at the tip to permit a tight concave surface to be carved without chatter. These are intended to be used for finishing cuts, kept super sharp and nick free so you can get a perfect knife finish on your work.


The blade slip is handwoven from birch bark. The handle was finished with Peacock Oil, a unique blend of the world's finest traditional oils, resins and waxes that together produce a breathable, water-repellent, figure enhancing and grain strengthening finish.

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