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Custom Tools


A custom lignum vitae sloyd knife


Making custom woodcarving tools is my speciality, especially sloyd knives. My other areas of expertise include figure carving knives, kolrosing knives, relief carving tools and foraging knives. I keep a blade inventory and a wood inventory of what I have in stock, but I can also forge bespoke blades to request and am happy to order in specific pieces of wood.

Please contact me to discuss your ideas for a custom tool. Here is an example of what an enquiry might include. I will provide you with a rough quote and (following a deposit of £25) we will then organise a time to phone or video call. During this call we will finalise your requirements, I will give you a final quote and I will then draw up sketches for you to give the go-ahead to.


If you are looking for a custom sloyd knife or figure carving knife, are certain of exactly what blade and wood you would like from my inventories and would not need to discuss via phone/video call, please contact me with this exact information:

a) type of blade from the blade inventory

b) type of wood from the wood inventory for bolster and main handle

c) rough ideas on handle design

d) your glove size or hand circumference (click here for how to measure)

Here is an example of what that enquiry would look like. I will then provide a final quote and (following a deposit of £25) I will draw up sketches for you to give the go-ahead to.

A custom laburnum figure carver

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