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Tool Restoration

Restored Stanley No.4 Plane


Restored c.1940s Taylor's Eye Witness pruning knife

One of my favourite commissions is restoring old hand tools. For a quote, please read the information on this page and then contact me with:

a) the type of tool

b) the current state of the tool

c) relevant background and special requests

d) level of restoration wanted

Here is a model enquiry if you are unsure what to include. I am also happy for you to post tools to me for me to assess myself before giving you a quote.

What level of restoration would you like?


There are two approaches that are important to consider when decising on the level of restoration, and this is whether your tool is a collectable or if you'd like it to be used. My speciality is restoring tools to 'like new' for those who wish to use them, but I am still very happy to perform light restoration work on collectable tools to help preserve them for future enjoyment.

Examples of resoration work that I will perform on a tool to return it to a useable condition include:

Rust removal

Edge regrinding and sharpening

Wood waxing


Leather nourishment

Paint touch ups or full re-painting

Sourcing replacement parts


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